6 Things To Know Before Buying A Monthly Fruit Club

Insider Gifting: Monthly Fruit Clubs
In our 68 years of providing Orchard Fresh Gifts, we’ve picked up a thing or two.  We know the ins and outs of the industry, as well as what it takes to produce the best gourmet fruit gifts available.  While we’d like to think our readers shop exclusively with The Fruit Company®, we realize that there are literally thousands of options out there, all of them promising the world.  With that in mind we present: Insider Gifting, a feature dedicated to providing you, our loyal readers, with the information needed for finding the perfect gourmet gift.


For today’s article, we take a look at Monthly Fruit Clubs and arm you with the questions you should be asking to ensure that you not only choose the best plan, but the one that’s right for you.


  • Does the company grow its own Fruit? At the heart of a Monthly Fruit Club is the fruit itself, and there’s no better indicator of its quality than whether or not the Club provider grows its own fruit.  There can only be so much outstanding fruit produced in a year.  Clubs that grow their own fruit can pick from the very best that year has to offer.  They do not have to compete with other companies and are not subject to factors like costs, and business relationships with outside farms/orchards.
  • When will the Fruit be delivered? Monthly Fruit Clubs are great because they allow recipients to eat along with the seasons.  However, seasons can be somewhat sporadic and unpredictable.  This means that the best clubs will be unable to promise delivery dates in advance.  Though it’s a touch inconvenient, fruit sent at its peak will always be worth any uncertainty.  After all, good clubs should be tailored around the fruit, and not the other way around.
  • What about Customer Service? Customer service makes a difference when it comes to Monthly Fruit Clubs.  Because delivery dates are uncertain, you’ll want to talk to informed representatives regarding fruit availability and delivery.  Also, you’ll want a customer service team willing to deal with issues involving fruit, and ready to replace anything that doesn’t match and exceed expectations.
  • What varieties of Fruit are offered? Fruit variety in a Monthly Fruit Club can make a big difference.  Make sure you enjoy the fruit provided and that you’re basing your decisions months in advance.  Many companies offer multiple choices per month but these can prove somewhat limited.  Look at the larger picture: companies that offer exotic and deluxe packages provide a different take on Monthly Fruit Clubs that can really impress, particularly if you’re giving a Monthly Fruit Club as a gift.
  • How much will I receive every month? Choosing the right club can be daunting, especially given all the choices available.  One of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing a club is not knowing how much fruit you’ll receive.The club should be upfront about the average amount of fruit for each month, especially since many clubs offer different sizes.  How much fruit do you need per month?  Don’t be fooled into buying the deluxe package if the light version will do.
  • Do they charge for Shipping? Shipping charges should be built into the price of the club.  This way, there are no unexpected costs and you are free to enjoy new fruit each month without having to worry about monthly shipping charges.  Companies that charge for shipping should be avoided.

What do you think?  Have you every had a Monthly Fruit Club Subscription?  What was your experience?  Share with us below!

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