Monthy Fruit Clubs: The Perfect Belated Gift

We’ve all been there:  a forgotten birthday, a missed anniversary, an overlooked relative on Christmas.  It’s a three step process, one that we’ve all gone through, sometimes more than once:

Step 1: The Realization

The moment where it dawns on you, “I don’t have a gift to give”.  Your mind starts to race; you try to come up with an excuse.  You can’t.  You look around, is there anything within 5 feet that you can pass off as a gift? You check your pockets.  A stick of gum and some change won’t do.

Step 2: The Hunt for the Perfect Belated Gift

You spend the next week searching for the perfect gift.  It has to say “I’m sorry, but look how much I care.”  You can’t find it.  Instead you opt for one that says “Look how expensive I am, I’m probably sorry.”

Step 3: The Reckoning

You give the gift a week later.  It’s appreciated.  Sort of.

The Perfect Belated Gift

The days of lackluster belated gifts are over.  Next time you’re searching for a belated gift, try one of our Monthly Fruit Clubs.  What better way to say “I care” then to send fresh fruit every month to your loved ones.  By the 2nd or 3rd month, your recipient will have forgotten all about your late gift.  Instead they’ll be reminded how much you care with every month, and every bite of delicious fruit.

Check out our four Monthly Fruit Clubs for yourself!: Harvest Club Americana, Harvest Club Exotica, Harvest Club Organic, Harvest Club Medley.

What do you think?  Have you ever subscribed to a fruit club?  What was your favorite month/season?  What was your overall experience?

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