Spring has Sprung!

Oh dear blog, how we’ve neglected thee. In the midst of brewing up healthy recipes, mountain bike riding, running, sampling our amazing grapefruit and kiwis, spring skiing, walking with our teammates through nearby orchards, oh, and Easter, we’ve been busy. We’re still rocking the Live Healthy America competition. In fact Team Oregon Booty De-Lite was ranked #1 in Oregon last week and this we’re #2. We had a tug-of-war on Friday as our friendly, halfway-mark, in-office activity (literally, in-office!).

Team Terminal Ice Tug of War

Team Oregon Booty De-Lite Tug of War

We’re also happy to announce our Flickr photostream. There you’ll find photos of our favorite fruit and gifts taken in-house, photo shoot outtakes, exclusive behind-the-scenes information and captions, breathtaking shots of the Hood River Valley, and even a few faces of us, friends, and family. Consider it another way you can get to know the people behind those lush, fabulous gifts that arrive at doorsteps around the nation. Please, feel free to click here and see more!

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