About The Fruit Company

The Fruit Company brings the nation the World’s Finest Fruit™,  grown primarily in the lush Hood River Valley of northern Oregon.

The Fruit Company’s roots extend back to 1942

When Roy Webster founded Webster Orchards and began delivering extraordinary pears and apples to the region, he initiated a mail-order service that sent Webster pears and apples, or as he called them, “Oregon Gems” and “Oregon Beauties” for $7.50 a bushel.  An old catalog we found boasts, “Our aim is to do everything possible to elicit expressions of genuine pleasure from your friends for the gift fruit we send them.” Seventy-two years later that sentiment hasn’t changed.

Roy’s grandson Scott Webster grew up in the family business of growing fruit.

Scott and his brother Addison inherited their Dad’s love for the orchard life and the family business was an inspiration.  After leaving the valley to pursue their academic and professional careers, they both returned with the same vision of expanding the Webster Orchard venture. In 1999, they set up shop in their parents’ house. The early version of The Fruit Company office was in the basement; the first production floor was in the garage. It was rustic and simple, but they believed enough in the superior quality of their fruit and their combined business know-how to persevere.

A large opportunity came knocking when the old Diamond Fruit packing warehouse went up for sale. The building was perfect—161,000 square feet of an original timber building from their grandfather’s era, nestled among the valley’s orchards and hills. Scott and Addison then moved The Fruit Company to 2900 Van Horn Drive in Hood River, Ore. From the front door you can see Mt. Hood framed by pear trees, and from the roof you have an excellent vantage of the valley and Washington’s statuesque Mt. Adams.

A humble beginning with a grand future.

The Fruit Company has had incredible growth since those first days in the basement.  Addison has since chosen to pursue other endeavors, and Scott remains as the CEO of both Webster Orchards and The Fruit Company. While receiving outstanding attention from Oprah Winfrey’s “O” Magazine, amongst others, The Fruit Company has also been named one of the top 15 growing companies in Oregon and part of Internet Retailer’s Top 50 “Best of the Web.”

Plans for expansion into the rest of the building are underway. The Fruit Company also boasts the early stages of the Fruit Heritage Museum, which honors the legacy of Roy Webster and all the other early agriculturalists in the Hood River Valley. We invite you to come visit us and take part in the Webster family vision of delivering simply the best-tasting fruit in the world directly to your doorstep. From the nutrient-rich volcanic soils, to the delicate blossoms at springtime, through autumn’s golden harvest, and finally into your home, The Fruit Company guarantees that its fruit is truly a revolution of the senses.

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