Delicious Ways to Enjoy Cherries This Summer- 50 Fun Ideas

Did you know it’s National Cherry Tart Day? You didn’t even know such a day existed? Well, now you do (you’re welcome) ! Here at the Fruit Company, we LOVE cherries. In honor of this under appreciated day, we’ve curated an exciting list of 50 delicious ways to enjoy these vibrant, juicy gems beyond the classic tart. From refreshing beverages to decadent desserts, the possibilities of cherries will surprise you. 

Let’s Get Started:

  1. Fresh Cherry Snack: Enjoy cherries straight from the bowl. Fresh and juicy, they make the perfect summer snack.
  1. Cherry Smoothie– Blend cherries with yogurt, bananas, and a splash of almond milk for a refreshing smoothie. 
  1. Cherry Pie- A classic cherry pie with a flaky crust and sweet filling is always a hit. 
  1. Cherry Jam- Preserve the taste of summer with homemade cherry jam, perfect for spreading on toast or biscuits. 
  1. Cherry Salad- Add fresh cherries to your favorite salad for a burst of sweetness. They pair wonderfully with goat cheese and arugula. 
  1. Chocolate-Covered Cherries- Dip cherries in melted chocolate for an indulgent treat.
  1. Cherry Ice Cream- Make homemade cherry ice cream or add it to vanilla ice cream for a fruity twist. 
  1. Cherry Sauce- Cook cherries into a sauce to drizzle over ice cream or cheesecake. 
  1. Cherry Compote- Like cherry sauce but usually chunkier, simmer cherries with sugar and lemon juice to make a delightful compote, perfect for topping yogurt or cheesecake. 
  1. Cherry Sorbet- Blend cherries with a bit of sugar and freeze for a refreshing sorbet. 

We’ve Got More Delicious Ideas . . .

  1. Cherry Muffins- Add chopped cherries to your favorite muffin recipe for a fruity addition. 
  1. Cherry Cobbler- A warm cherry cobbler with a biscuit topping is a comforting dessert. 
  1. Cherry Scones- Bake cherry scones for a delicious breakfast treat. 
  1. Cherry Lemonade- Blend cherries with lemonade for a refreshing summer drink. 
  1. Cherry Salsa- Mix chopped cherries with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lime for a unique salsa. 
  1. Cherry Pancakes- Add cherries to pancake batter for a fruity breakfast. 
  1. Cherry Crumble- A cherry crumble with oats and brown sugar is a perfect dessert. Not to be confused with a cobbler, which features a biscuit-like topping. 
  1. Cherry Bread- Bake sweet cherry bread for a delicious snack or breakfast. 
  1. Cherry Glazed Ham- Use cherry preserves to glaze a ham for a sweet and savory dish. 
  1. Cherry Cocktails- Muddle cherries in your favorite cocktail for a fruity twist. 
  1. Cherry Yogurt Parfait- Layer cherries with yogurt and granola for a healthy parfait. 
  1. Cherry Ice Pops- Freeze cherry juice in molds for a refreshing ice pop. 
  1. Cherry Cheesecake- Add cherry compote to cheesecake for a unique dessert. 
  1. Cherry Brownies- Adding cherries to brownie batter can add a burst of sweetness and tartness to brownies. 
  1. Cherry Balsamic Reduction- Reduce cherries with balsamic vinegar for a flavorful sauce to drizzle over meats or salads. 

We’re Not Done Yet . . .

  1. Cherry Rice Pudding- Stir cherries into creamy rice pudding for a comforting dessert. 
  1. Cherry Chutney- Make cherry chutney (typically includes cherries, vinegar, sugar and spices) to serve with meat or cheese. 
  1. Cherry Pizza- Top a flatbread with cherries, goat cheese, and arugula for a unique pizza. 
  1. Cherry Marinade- Use cherries in a marinade to tenderize chicken or pork. 
  1. Cherry Bread Pudding- Add cherries to bread pudding for a fruity twist. 
  1. Cherry Trifle- Layer cherries with cake and custard for a beautiful trifle. 
  1. Cherry Salsa Verde- Add cherries to a green salsa for a sweet and spicy kick. 
  1. Cherry Gelato- Make cherry gelato for a creamy and refreshing treat. 
  1. Cherry Sangria- Add cherries to sangria for a fruity summer drink. 
  1. Cherry Crostini- Add cherries and ricotta cheese to the crostini for an elegant appetizer. 
  1. Cherry Glazed Chicken- Glaze chicken with a cherry sauce for a sweet and savory dish. 
  1. Cherry and Almond Granola- Add dried cherries to homemade granola for a burst of flavor. 
  1. Cherry Mousse- Make a light and airy cherry mousse for dessert. 
  1. Cherry Topping for Oatmeal- Add cherries to oatmeal for a nutritious breakfast. 

Almost There . . .

  1. Cherry Quinoa Salad- Mix cherries into a quinoa salad with nuts and greens. 
  1. Cherry Chocolate Bark- Mix dried cherries into chocolate bark for a sweet snack. 
  1. Cherry Vinaigrette- Blend cherries into a vinaigrette for salads. 
  1. Cherry Meatballs- Add cherries to the meatball mix for a sweet and savory flavor. 
  1. Cherry BBQ Sauce- Make cherry BBQ sauce for grilling. 
  1. Cherry Cheese Ball- Add dried cherries to your favorite cheese ball for a showstopper addition. 
  1. Cherry Rice Salad- Mix cherries into a cold rice salad for a delicious side dish. 
  1. Cherry Coconut Bars- Cherry and Coconut are a surprisingly tasty combo. Bake cherry coconut bars for a unique treat. 
  1. Cherry Clafoutis- Make a classic French cherry clafoutis for a fancy dessert. 
  1. Cherry Hot Sauce- Blend cherries into a hot sauce for a sweet and spicy condiment. 
  1. Cherry Tart– Finally, the cherry tart we all know and love. 

Discover Delicious Cherry Delights

As you can see, there are a plethora of ways to enjoy cherries. Whether you prefer them fresh, baked, or blended, these recipes offer a variety of ways to savor the incredible flavor of cherries. Enjoy experimenting and creating new cherry-inspired dishes in your kitchen! 

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