July is National Blueberry Month

The Fruit Company welcomes July as National Blueberry Month, dedicating four weeks to celebrate this sweet, blue fruit.  We grow four varieties of blueberries in our fields located in the upper Hood River Valley.  These varieties are Liberty, Last Call, Drapers and Topshelf.  As fruit experts, we know the key to longevity of fruit in our fields is pruning. We continually prune out the older wood to renew the plant.   The best fruit grows on young 2-4 year old wood.  In addition, the PH level of the blueberry is also important to growing a healthy plant.  Blueberries do not like having their roots over watered, thus we grow them on mounds in order to keep their roots moist but not soggy. We use a sophisticated Netafirm drip system to help us manage the plant’s water and nutrient needs.

blueberries2In the United States the typical blueberry season runs from May to October, and peaks in July. Our blueberries are grown in the shadow of beautiful Mt. Hood. Warm days and cool nights cause our blueberries to mature later in the summer. We estimate harvesting our blueberry fields at the end of July. Harvest times vary but usually last around 7 weeks. Once they are ripe, our blueberries are hand-picked and shipped straight to your door to ensure the highest quality fruit for our customers.  Once in full production, we will harvest close to 1,440,000 lbs of blueberries.  This equates to roughly 367 million individual blueberries, also equaling 10 semi truck loads of product. Order your Mountain Blueberries today – with free shipping!

Often times deemed a “super food”, the blueberry is one of the most popular berries in the United States (coming in second to strawberries).  Full of antioxidants which can combat free radicals that damage your cellular structure, blueberries can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways such as baking, fruit salads, drinks, facials and more. According to whfoods.com, new research has emerged with evidence that blueberries can improve memory with the consumption of 2 – 2.5 cups each day. If you decide to freeze blueberries to enjoy in a smoothie, none of its antioxidants will be lost.

Blueberries have been used throughout North America and Europe as a medicinal plant, helping treat ailments such as rheumatism, coughs, scurvy and gallstones. Fresh blueberries are a fragile fruit and should be washed briefly with cool water and then air dried or patted down with a towel to remove water droplets. They should keep for 10-14 days in a refrigerated environment. Enjoy this delicious fruit and celebrate National Blueberry Month – pre-order yours today!


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