It’s Cherry Harvest Time at The Fruit Company

We spent the day yesterday in our cherry Orchard, surrounded by beautiful, ready to pick cherries as far as your eye can see.  It was a sunny, warm day and our Bing and Rainier cherries were getting picked by the barrel – ready to be shipped that same day in order to get to our eager consumers.

The harvesting season for cherries is relatively short, and with thousands upon thousands of trees to be picked (around 55 million individual cherries), we value our experienced fruit pickers and how much they can get done in a short period of time.

Have you ever seen a cherry tree right before it’s ready to be picked?  There are so many juicy, sweet cherries loading each branch.  Many of our trees stand at over 10 feet tall, thus our experienced fruit pickers utilize long ladders to get the fruit at the very top of each tree.

Bing cherries have a dark red skin and purple, sweet flesh. This tiny fruit boasts many vitamins and minerals.  Our Rainier cherries are our best selling cherries!  This delicate cherry has a pink and yellow skin with a yellow creamy, sweet flesh.  Order some of our delicious cherries today; grown by us, hand-picked and shipped straight to your door.



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