Live Healthy America, Part V

by Stephanie, Graphic Designer – Brand Manager

Oh, the trials and errors of losing weight. This past week’s weigh in definitely proves that this change is no walk in the park (maybe a light jog?). Some people have slowed down in their weight-loss process, a few gained weight back.

The key thing to remember right now is that while the numbers on the scale might not be what we want, the last thing we can do is give up. One of the biggest difficulties with weight loss is setting realistic goals and realizing that it’s not all going to happen right away. Sure, after the first week we all had a gleam in our eye that hey, maybe we can even double what our 100-day loss would be. But that’s not how our bodies work and we have to keep coming up with new ways to become healthier. Run an extra 5 minutes on the treadmill. Have a larger portion of vegetables and a smaller portion of carbohydrates. Find a new, fun physical activity that will challenge your body more than it’s used to.

Above all, being realistic about your weight loss goals and being determined to continue on your path to overall fitness is the key to your success.

With that being said, here are today’s weigh-in results!
Team Terminal Ice
Janelle, -2 (4 week total: -9); Scott, +5 (4 week total: -3); Rhonda, -1 (4 week total: -8); Katelyn, +3 (4 week total: -4); Aaron, -1 (4 week total: -7); Pepe, -2 (3 week total: -9).

Team Oregon Booty De-Lite
Ryan, +3 (4 week total: -4); Machel, -0 (4 week total: -12); Brett, -0 (4 week total: -9); Becky E., -0 (4 week total: -5); Steph, -1 (4 week total: -9); Belen, -2 (3 week total: -6).

Also, THANK YOU to Troy W. Vincent, the Director of Live Healthy America, who commented on our previous entry! We’re thrilled and flattered that our little account of our company’s healthy living goals have garnered a bit of attention.

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