Live Healthy America, Part I

by Stephanie, Graphic Designer – Brand Manager

Every January across the world people make resolutions to better themselves in the new year. Health, happiness and money are often the reoccurring themes of many resolutions, and us at The Fruit Company are no different. This past Wednesday 12 of us joined the Live Healthy America movement, a competitive non-profit program with the goal to motivate and teach how to make positive and lasting changes with one’s health and lifestyle. As employees of a company that provides exceptional healthy fruit it seemed a natural choice. For 100 days we will strive toward a healthier, more active lifestyle with support from each other and the organization, complete with weekly weigh-ins and online journal entries.

Every week we will recant our trials, tribulations and triumphs (including pounds lost!) here on The Fruit Company Blog.

We’ve divided our 12 into two teams of 6. Our CEO Scott named his team “Terminal Ice” after the Terminal Ice & Storage Company, who originally built an innovative cold storage facility here back in 1935. I think he liked it because it sounded mean. The other team (the one I’m on, ahem) is named “Oregon Booty De-Lite”, inspired by our basket Oregon Delight and that part of my workout plan includes the entertaining DVDs Yoga Booty Ballet. Any excuse to use the word “booty” in casual conversation, really.

Live Healthy America Teams
Group shot of both teams. From L-R: Aaron, Machel, Rhonda, Katelyn, Scott, Marcela, Brett, Stephanie, Ryan, Crispin and Janelle.

While we’re united in our goals, we all have different methods with which we plan on accomplishing them.
Mine? I’m really focusing on increasing my physical activity. I already run 2-3 times a week and am trying to increase that as well as integrate other exercise back into my life. Skiing (thank you season pass at Mt. Hood Meadows!), yoga, snowshoeing, hiking, and my most recent addition, bellydancing classes. I had my first class last night and am totally looking looking forward to more– my abs and sides especially feel the results today! I’m also being more selective about what I eat. While I’ve been eating an abundance of fresh fruit (company perks!), veggies and whole grains for a while, I’m watching portion sizes and trying to discipline myself against mindless eating. Also the indulgences in yummy cheeses and chocolates have to become a little less frequent. 😉 And more water! I’m hoping to lose a respectable 15lbs by the end of the 100 days, and already have lost 2!

Janelle, of team Terminal Ice, has been on a different diet plan with her husband for 12 days now. She based hers off of “The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan S. Rubin, which focuses on a 40-day diet of mostly meat, fruit, and vegetables found in the Bible. Broken up into 3 phases, there are foods to enjoy and foods to avoid, complete with weekly menus and recipes. Thus far Janelle has lost 8lbs and her husband as lost an impressive 12. For physical activity she’s been going to Curves 3-4 times a week, and hopes to lose 2 dress sizes by the time it’s all done.

Ryan, team captain of Oregon Booty De-Lite, is hoping to lose 10-12lbs during the duration of the program. He’s planning on running 5 miles three times a week instead of his current 3 miles three times a week and avoiding sugar and calorie-laden foods like cookies, candy and soda. As of today he’s gotten rid of 3.5lbs, so apparently we all seem to be doing something right.

Next week we’ll have more on everyone’s game plans toward success and the results of our Friday weigh-in. Stay tuned, and if you have any tips please feel free to offer them!

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