Live Healthy America, Part II

by Stephanie, Graphic Designer – Brand Manager

As employees of a company that provides exceptional healthy fruit it seemed a natural choice that we join the Live Healthy America program. For 100 days we will strive toward a healthier, more active lifestyle with support from each other and the organization, complete with weekly weigh-ins and online journal entries. We’re divided into two teams, Team Terminal Ice and Team Oregon Booty De-Lite, and have a healthy competitive spirit as we try to lose the highest percentage of weight each week.
Every week we will recant our trials, tribulations and triumphs (including pounds lost!) here on The Fruit Company Blog.

(Most of) Team Oregon Booty De-Lite. From L-R: Brett, Machel, Marcela, Ryan and Stephanie. Missing: Becky and Belen.
(Most of) Team Terminal Ice. From L-R: Crispin, Janelle, Aaron, Scott, Rhonda and Katelyn. Missing: Pepe.

Our first weigh in results are in and we all did wonderfully for this beginning leg of the race. But before we get into the weigh in results, I wanted to share a few of the competitors’ plans of action for becoming healthier.

Rhonda, of Terminal Ice, had this to say about her gameplan:
“My goal is to develop new habits that will stick with me after the 100 days. I’ve tried a lot of different ‘diets’ and inevitably lose weight regardless which one I choose. The problem has always been keeping off the weight and not gaining an extra 10 pounds in the process.
I decided I would have to include foods I know I can’t live without or I’d be sure to fail. One thing I can’t live without? PASTA! There are hundreds of recipes for low fat pasta dishes with wonderful, fresh flavor. I have decided to choose a low fat, low sugar lifestyle that includes lots of fresh veggies and fruit (of course!).”
For physical activity Rhonda is getting away from her desk several times a day and taking laps around our giant building.

Machel of Oregon Booty De-Lite sent me her healthy living secrets.
“Since Day One I’ve cut out all sugar and carbs. I think it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done! (harder than labor!!) I’ve also started exercising every morning for 30 minutes and have made my meal sizes and portions much smaller. It’s only been a week and I have already realized that eating less in quantity, eating more healthy foods and exercising makes you feel so much better. It’s not easy but I know it will be worth it.”

And finally! What everyone has been waiting to hear: the cold, dirty numbers of pounds shed. Let’s get to it!
Terminal Ice lost the most weight this week, with an impressive 26 pounds between 6 people. Oregon Booty De-Lite isn’t too far behind, losing a total of 22 pounds in one week, with one person (Marcela) unaccounted for as she’s on vacation. We had two latecomers this week, Pepe on Team TI and Belen on Team OBDL, so their first weight loss will be counted next week.

Individual totals:
Terminal Ice: Scott, -1; Rhonda, -3; Crispin, -3; Katelyn, -7; Aaron, -7; Janelle, -5.
Oregon Booty De-Lite: Ryan, -5; Machel, -4; Brett, -6; Becky, -2; Stephanie, -5.
Congratulations all! We’re doing great and only plan on doing better as the weeks go on! Stay tuned for more of our misadventures in dieting, lifestyle changing, whatever you want to call it… LIVING HEALTHY!

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