Live Healthy America, Part IV

by Stephanie, Graphic Designer – Brand Manager

Today marks day 25 in our challenge, and to celebrate we had a bit of a competitive relay through our warehouse. It began with a sprint from our office doors, around the outside of the production floor, all the way around to touch the door of our main cold storage facility and back, all while carrying a basket full of fruit (naturally!). Before we could pass the basket on to the next runner, we had to move 7 boxes of pears from one pallet to the next and then do 25 jumping jacks.

Please keep in mind that not only were all the team members there watching and participating, but the entire production floor stopped work to watch us run around like crazy. The warehouse echoed with words of encouragement, of laughter, maybe even a little bit of heckling here and there. In the breathless end my team, Oregon Booty De-Lite, caught up with Terminal Ice and won with a photo-finish.

Speaking of photos, we documented the event for everyone’s enjoyment. Okay, I’m sure a number of us are not going to enjoy these pictures of ourselves (this is easily the worst picture of myself I’ve allowed to go public!), but that’s the idea. Hopefully after the next 25 days we’ll be a little skinnier, a little healthier and look better in these ridiculous pics.

Click on any picture to make it larger!

The first is Janelle running back from the cold storage door, fruit basket in hand.

Next is a hilarious picture of our CEO Scott doing jumping jacks against our Quality Control Manager Belen, who had twisted her ankle during the run!
Belen and Scott

Here’s a speedy action shot of our Operational Manager Pepe, who’s hat matches the pineapple in his basket perfectly, might I add.

And now it’s Pepe and Brett, coming back from cold storage side by side.
Pepe and Brett

Now we have Marcela and Aaron dueling it out with the stacking pear box relay.
Marcela and Aaron

Machel has been running almost every day and it shows during her portion of the relay. Look how happy she is!

Myself and Katelyn were the last contestants, and we finished it all up with a crazy set of jumping jacks.
Stephanie and Katelyn

Finally we have the two exhausted teams catching their breath and re-hydrating with well-deserved cups of water.

And of course, our weekly weigh in results! Almost everyone has been doing a great job keeping it up! A big props to Machel for being the first one to lose in the double digits.
Team Terminal Ice
Janelle, -1 (3 week total: -7); Scott, -2 (3 week total: -8); Rhonda, -2 (3 week total: -7); Katelyn, -1 (3 week total: -7); Aaron, +3 (3 week total: -6); Pepe, -2 (2 week total: -7).

Team Oregon Booty De-Lite

Ryan, -2 (3 week total: -7); Machel, -3 (3 week total: -12); Brett, -1 (3 week total: -9); Becky E., -2 (3 week total: -5); Steph, -2 (3 week total: -8); Belen, 0 (2 week total: -4).

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