1. Replace Fruit Juices with Fresh Fruit.  By now, most people are aware that fruit juices are packed with added sugar, but did you know that during the juicing process, nearly all of the natural fiber has been removed!?  Fiber helps you feel full for longer and there are at least twice as many calories packed into a cup of fruit juice compared to that of a piece of fresh fruit.  

2. Replace sugary snacks with Fresh Fruit.  Ditch the candy bowl for bowls of washed, ready-to-eat fresh fruit!  Make it simple for yourself to reach for this healthy alternative by pre-peeling and/or cutting fruit into bite-sized pieces and store in the fridge.  A dollop of whipped cream with a bowl of mixed fruit will taste and feel like an indulgence while staying within a reasonable amount of calories and sugar. 

3. Eat Fresh Fruit between meals.  Eating fruit with or just prior to a carb-rich meal can cause you to feel bloated and add calories to the meal.  However, eating fruit on an empty stomach can improve digestion and help to maintain balanced blood sugar levels. 

4. Variety is truly the spice of life.  Change up the type of fruit you eat somewhat regularly in order to supply your body with an assortment of different vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. As is the case with any other food, eat fruits in moderation to keep your calorie intake in check. 

5. Have Fresh Fruit sent to your door.  Psychologically, if you pay for a service, the more likely you are to use it…and in this case, eat it!  This makes healthy snacking easier and encourages eating different fruit to keep up that variety.  Also, who doesn’t love getting a fun box of snacks every month!? Check out our HarvestClubs™ for information on how we can help you get started!

**All information provided is general information compiled from a variety of health and nutrition sources, and you should always check with your doctor before changing your diet.   

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