The Gift of Giving

Giving a thoughtful gift to someone is a special moment. You can picture their excitement and delight in the surprise as you search through pages of beautiful gourmet fruit gifts at Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, anniversary, congratulations or just because, the anticipation of your recipient receiving the gift is almost as good as the day the gift is delivered.

Why does it feel so great to give a gift to someone?

Studies have shown that giving makes you happier than spending money on yourself (1). In one study, participants were asked to spend money on themselves or on someone else. The group who spent money on someone else showed a higher rate of happiness. The area in the brain that is in charge of reward and pleasure lights up when you give to others. Being generous and making someone else’s day can leave you feeling lighter and more joyful than you were before.

There are three popular ways that humans enjoy giving:

  • One way of giving is through volunteer efforts, where a person can donate their time as a resource to help others. This may be helping to build houses in third world countries, walking adoptable dogs at a local animal shelter or feeding the hungry on holidays.
  • For busy professionals or families who don’t necessarily have that time to give, some give monetary donations to organizations that they care about.
  • One last popular way of giving is by sending loved ones gifts and/or experiences.

At The Fruit Company, we specialize in the art of gift giving. You’ll find the perfect gift for every occasion on our website. We understand how powerful gift giving can be, for both the giver and the receiver.

A social psychologist at the University of British Columbia created a study focusing on employees of a Boston business before and after they received bonuses of various sizes. The end result? Happiness correlated with the amount of money from their bonuses that were spent on others (2).

Giving can also inspire giving. Send a wonderful gift to a friend and she or he may pay it forward and send a gift to someone else. This could start a cycle of giving which has the power to make the world a better place. Can you think of anyone who would be delighted in a surprise gift? Shop our beautiful selection of gourmet gifts now.



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