Scott Webster to speak for Farmlife

The Fruit Company CEO, Scott Webster, will be speaking Monday, May 10, at 6:30 pm for the Farmlife speaking event focusing on Thinking outside the Barn.  Be sure to join the community as we hear multiple speakers discuss new ideas and strategies that are outside the scope of the farm.

Thinking Outside the “Barn”
Adding Value to Farms & Farm Products

An apple is an apple is an apple—right? Not anymore. Grocery stores operate with buzzwords and price differences. And farmers find new ways to compete by specializing in organic or artisan goods or by exploring ways to process raw goods into “new” options or simply by using marketing and the global economy to expand sales. What are the economic and ethical risks and rewards faced by farmers? What should consumers know about “value-added agriculture”? Representatives from local agribusinesses and the Gorge Grown Food Network will share their experiences and their plans for the future.

Speakers: Gary Willis & Don Stevens, Gorge Delights; Scott Webster, The Fruit Company; Representative, Gorge Grown Food Network

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