It’s Rainier Cherry Time at The Fruit Company

Rainier Cherries from The Fruit Company

It’s that time of year – barbeques, sun filled vacations, and Rainier Cherries! Known as the “champagne of cherries” due to their sweet, creamy texture, Rainiers are one of our favorite summer fruits.

You know the saying “good things come to those who wait”? This is definitely true of Rainier Cherries. Their harvest is an incredibly short season and we will be picking these tiny gems at the end of the month! June 26th is our current estimated pick date, and we hope it will be sooner.

The Rainier Cherry was created at Washington State University by cross breeding Van and Bing Cherries. Named after Mount Rainier, Rainiers are very sweet but have a thin skin that makes them sensitive to temperature, wind and rain. Hard work and a bit of luck with the weather will produce beautiful red-yellow cherries full of the most decadent flavor nature has to offer.

At The Fruit Company, we pick our cherries the same day you order them to ensure our customers receive the freshest fruit possible. When these delicious cherries are delivered to your door, we recommend refrigerating them first. This will cool the cherries down and allow them to firm up.   After the cherries are chilled, give them a wash in cool water and enjoy!

Pre-order our delicious Rainier Cherries at 10% off for the month of June. If you’re interested in planting your own tree, we are also offering our Rainier Cherry Fruit Trees to our customers nationwide.  These trees were created using dwarf rootstock and budded from our very own Webster Orchard Cherry Trees.

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