Blossoms in the Gorge

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April is a beautiful time of year at The Fruit Company. After surviving cold winds, snow showers, and rainy winter nights Spring begins to show itself everywhere you look when you step out  the front door. The Hood River valley is filled with orchards that run all the way to the base of Mt Hood.  As the temperature warms the trees begin to bud and we see a the entire landscape flower before our eyes.  Its a quintessentially perfect!

Naturally we celebrate this gorgeous time of year with the Hood River Valley Blossom Festival. Thousands of people from around the world come to our charming hamlet to view the cheerful blooms set against the looming snow-capped peaks of the Cascade mountains and relish the opening weekend for many of our local fruit, food and craft stands located all along the Fruit Loop.

Its a perfect time to come and visit the Gorge!

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