Fruit of the Month: Webster Comice Pears

Grown fresh in our very own Orchards, Webster Comice Pears are one of our favorite fruits for the Holidays. Comice pears are the sweetest and juiciest of all pear varieties and flourish in the volcanic soils of the Hood River Valley. The man who started it all, Roy Webster, described them as “the Cadillac of pears”, and his dear wife, Mary Webster, created her famous Chocolate Covered Comice Pears recipe in their honor.

Characteristics of Webster Comice Pears

Comice pears are beautiful in appearance, with a red blush covering small to large areas of the skin surface. These pears have a rotund body with a short, well defined neck. The delicious flesh of a Webster Comice pear is what makes it world renowned. Match these pears perfectly with a variety of cheeses and or eat them sliced and with a spoon. Comice pears are so juicy that it’s a requirement you’ll need a pile of napkins while you eat!

Health Benefits

High in fiber, copper, vitamin C and K, pears boast a wide variety of health benefits. This includes antioxidants and also the possibility to reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.

For the month of December we are offering our Webster Comice Pears at 10% off, orders yours today!



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