Cosmic Crisp®: A truly out-of-this-world apple

After over 20 years of tireless research and cultivation, Washington State University researchers officially introduced the highly-anticipated Cosmic Crisp® apple to the fruit scene in December 2019. Named for the apple’s appearance with a dark red skin and spattering of light lenticels that appear like stars against a night sky, you’ll know it when you see it!

The Cosmic Crisp® is a cross between the Honeycrisp Apple (a favorite for its perfect harmony of sweet and tart flavor together with a crisp texture) and the Enterprise Apple (known for it’s disease-resistant, late-ripening, and superior storage qualities). The juiciness, taste, and slow-to-brown qualities make this apple great for snacking but the natural sweetness also makes it a great pick for baked goods.

Given the late ripening nature of this variety, you won’t see Cosmic Crisp® available for purchase until late November or December…and that is if you can find them at all. The Cosmic Crisp® is very difficult to find outside of the Pacific Northwest Region, but you can order them from us for yourself or as a fun gift from The Fruit Company website while they are in season.

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