The Fruit Company Chocolate-Covered Comice Pears

Scott  Webster, The Fruit Company CEO, and his family have been growing Comice Pears in Hood River, Oregon since 1942.  As one of the largest growers of gourmet Comice Pears in the Hood River Valley, Scott decided to utilize his mother Mary’s idea, to bring Chocolate Covered Comice Pears to eager consumers across the nation.

Chocolate Covered Comice Pear Duo

In order to make this delectable treat, the pears are handled with care as they are peeled, sliced and dehydrated.  We do not add any sugar or sulfites to the drying process of our pears. But the drying process creates a hint of caramelized flavor.  Once the pears are dried to the perfect moisture level, they are enrobed in either dark or milk chocolate, packaged, and hand-packed into a beautiful gift box.

Chocolate-Covered Comice Pears are a unique find because of the difficulty growing such a fragile pear, but it is the perfect pear to pair with chocolate!  The creamy flavors of the milk chocolate paired with the soft, chewiness of the pear go together seamlessly and our dark chocolate covered pears with sea salt are the perfect sweet & salty combo. 

You can order some of these “fruitnique” chocolate covered pears for yourself or as a gift for your foodie friends or family either in a 2-box duo, or as a single box add-on to most gifts!

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