“To do something noteworthy, no matter how modest the goal.”

by Stephanie, Graphic Designer-Brand Manager

We recently rediscovered this gem of a poem written by Scott and Addison’s grandfather, Roy Webster. Every year here in Hood River the community holds the Roy Webster Columbia River Cross Channel Swim on Labor Day weekend, in memory of a visionary orchardist and health enthusiast. He wrote this poem in 1984, when he was 83 years old. His last swim was in 1986 at the age of 85.

The Big Swim

Sometimes I feel my youth has been spent
When I think where my getup and go has went.
But nevertheless I can manage to grin
As I ready myself for the annual swim
Across the Columbia about a mile wide
From Washington State to the Oregon side.

There are kids in their teens and swimmers mature
Who succumb each year to the swimmathon lure
Of the cross-river swim– not too far away
Held up in Hood River on each Labor Day.
It tickles me pink to think I still swim
When I think where my getup and go has been!

So once again for the fortieth time
I’ll be swimming the river as I did in my prime.
And hoping the weather is sunny and warm
With no clouds in the sky and no trace of a storm.
For 200 or more are planning to swim it
Which is this year’s maximum security limit.*

Not a race, nor a contest, but just an achievement
To accomplish a goal– and thus bring appeasement
To tha turge that lies dormant in everyone’s soul
To do something noteworthy however modest the goal.
And so to each swimmer who embarks on the swim–
Good luck and good swimming as you respect win.

Respect of those who wish that they too
Could swim as well and as far as you!

* – Now the “maximum security limit” is 500 people, rather than 200. Sign up now if you’re in the area and swim for Roy!

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