Gift Baskets

Father’s Day Gift Ideas!


Father’s Day is in one week, and what better way to celebrate the Dad in your life then with food. Summer is an exciting time for fruit with the arrival of Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines, and Plums. But don’t forget the snacks! The Fruit Company also has a wide selection of cheese gifts, crackers, sausage, smoked salmon, and more. If you are having trouble deciding which amazing gift to send, here is a helpful guide for Father’s Day gifting.

Gifting Etiquette: The Follow-Up


While everyone loves giving and receiving gifts, many often overlook or misunderstand the polite standards that you should abide by in order to properly convey your gratitude. We’ve all been a frustrated gift-giver at some point or another, often caused by your recipient not calling and confirming that they received your gift, or never receiving a thank you card after a holidays or special event. Here are some tips from which everyone can learn.