How To Make A Fresh Fruit Arrangement

How to make an edible fresh fruit arrangement. | The Fruit Company Blog

An easy to make, edible fresh fruit arrangement for the holidays.

In the holiday months when I have house guests and weekly entertaining, I like to keep a bowl full of lovely winter fruit for the breakfast table and to cut and serve for afternoon gatherings. This year I decided to use my beautiful pears, pomegranates and citrus as a centerpiece and arrange them with winter greenery to bring the look of a winter floral arrangement that can be served for breakfast and afternoon snacks.

An Edible Fresh Fruit Arrangement | The Fruit Company Blog

The finished fruit arrangement is stunning and sets the perfect mood for a delicious breakfast.

How To Make A Fresh Fruit Arrangement | The Fruit Company Blog

How To Make An Edible Fruit Arrangement | The Fruit Company Blog

1) To make this arrangement choose two sizes of pedestal cake plates, stacking the smaller on top.

2) Cover the top plate and pedestal with the chicken wire and use a floral wire wrapped around both plates to keep the chicken wires and plates in place. This forms a nice grid to arrange and secure your greens into a nest.

3) Use the wire grid to weave your evergreens and glossy leaves, forming a dome of green over the plates.

4) Completely cover the wire with your greens.

5) Add seasonal color with pepper berry branches or other branches.

6) Finish greenery base with long sprigs of rosemary to add fragrance and texture.

7) Tuck your fruit onto the lower plate and on top of the smaller plate.

8) Complete your arrangement with fruit stacked securely into the greenery nest and a few pieces on the table.

How to Make a Fresh Fruit Arrangement | The Fruit Company Blog

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