Visiting Our Packing Partner: Underwood Fruit & Warehouse

The Fruit Company has been growing premium fruit in Hood River, Oregon since 1942.  We also rely on local partnerships with great fruit growers and packers.  Underwood Fruit & Warehouse (just a few miles away from us) was formed in 1917 by seven local growers, with a focus on sustainable Orchard properties between Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood in the Columbia River Gorge.

Recently, our Fruit Buyer Randy, Quality Assurance Belen,  Production Manager Pepe and our Marketing gals Bonny & Kara, visited Underwood to check in on the packing of Fuji Apples from Washington, which will be going into some of our delicious gourmet fruit baskets.  If you’ve ever seen a fruit packing establishment, you know it’s quite a cool experience!  Thousands of beautiful, crisp apples going through the process of being hand and computer examined then gently hand-placed and ready for distribution.

Watch a video of our visit HERE.



The Fruit Company® got its start in 1942 when Roy Webster began selling apples and pears from his orchards located in Hood River, Oregon. The area was perfect for growing fruit thanks to the volcanically enriched soil and glacial water from the nearby Mt. Hood. The fruit was exceptional. The company was passed down from father to son and today is owned and operated by Roy's Grandson Scott Webster.

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