Fruit of the Month: Red D’Anjou Pears

Our February Fruit of the Month, Red D’Anjou Pears, are abundantly juicy and sweet. These pears are a healthy staple in your daily diet! Learn what these health benefits are, tips for choosing a ripe pear, and a few of our favorite pear recipes in today’s blog post.

What are the Health Benefits of Red D’Anjou Pears? 

Each bite of a pear is a healthy dose to your body. The skin of a pear is full of antioxidants, which protect your cells from damage. Another benefit is the high amounts of fiber found within the fruit. One medium pear will have around 30 grams of fiber! Pears are heart healthy and can also help to control high blood pressure. Finding a ripe pear to enjoy takes a careful eye. If the pear is not ripe enough, it can be crunchy and if it’s too ripe, pears can become mushy.

Choosing a Ripe Pear

When purchasing your pears, keep in mind when you plan on consuming them. If you are planning on eating your pears that day, find a pear that gives slightly when you press against the neck (the area right below the stem). Ensure that the pear does not have any soft spots elsewhere as this is a sign that it may be overripe.

If you are interested in consuming the pear in a few days, choose a pear that is still firm when you press against the neck. Left to ripen, it should be ready to eat in a few days. One way to speed up the ripening process, is to place your pear in a paper bag with a banana. Bananas give off a certain gas which speeds up the pear’s ripening process.

Purchasing Red D’Anjou pears from The Fruit Company is another great way to ensure the quality of the pears. For the month of February, we are offering this juicy fruit at 10% off.

Our Favorite Pear Recipes

We love utilizing pears in smoothies, salads, breads and more. You can also enjoy pears sliced and right off of the tree. Here are a few of our favorite ways of consuming D’Anjou pears:


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