Meet Our Customer Service Representative, Panda

customer service rep named panda

With the Holidays approaching, The Fruit Company is gearing up for one of our busiest times of the year. Our valued Customer Service team is vital to our success, as customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. Meet Panda, our Customer Service Representative, who has been working with us since April of 2014.  

Learn More About Panda

In her role, Panda helps each customer find the specific gift for their unique need. So, this may require a certain price range or adding the right gourmet item to make the gift extra special. Oftentimes, she has the opportunity to assist our customers with their gift message. Panda says, “It is great being a personal touch for someone, whether it’s for a birthday greeting or just helping to find the right words for a condolence gift.”

What is Panda’s Favorite Thing about The Fruit Company?

Panda admires the heart and integrity that The Fruit Company instills in everything that we do. She is there for her customers in times of celebration and sorrow. Therefore, being able to assist people through these needs is something Panda prides herself on. One thing she loves is how delighted customers are at the quality of our gifts and the level of customer service that we maintain.

Outside Activities and Hobbies

Outside of work, Panda has three things that fill up her personal time: family, church and baking! Panda is originally from Kansas City, Missouri. After spending five years in the Army in the Military Police sector, she spent twenty three years in Ripon, California where she raised her two sons, Thomas and Alex (both military veterans).  Panda moved to the Pacific Northwest nine years ago, just four months after her grandson was born in Hood River.  She enjoys any and all activities with them from concerts and football to just hanging out.

We sincerely thank Panda for her hard work and dedication to The Fruit Company. When customers reach out to us, we know that they will be well taken care of.


In 1942, Roy Webster began selling apples and pears from his orchards located in Hood River, Oregon. The area was perfect for growing fruit thanks to the volcanically enriched soil and glacial water from the nearby Mt. Hood. The fruit was exceptional. This orchard and fruit growing wisdom was passed down from father to son. In 1999, The Fruit Company was founded by Roy's grandsons, Scott & Addison Webster. Today, Scott runs the business as President and CEO. The Fruit Company packs and ships beautiful fruit gifts around the nation.

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