Live Healthy America, Part VI

by Stephanie, Graphic Designer – Brand Manager

We’re making this a quick weigh-in results entry seeing as we were late on the last post and am only just now reporting Friday’s numbers. This last week saw a drastic improvement with many of our participants. Everyone either lost weight or maintained their weight. I know for myself that while my numbers didn’t change, I did finally measure myself and found I’ve lost 10 inches! That definitely made a -0 a little less depressing.

Brett is one of the biggest losers thus far with Team Oregon Booty De-Lite. He and his wife are in this together and he had this to say about their efforts to live healthier:
“I am doing the elliptical almost every night. I started with 20 minutes and am now up to 40 minutes per session. I track calories daily (no more than 1700 calories per day) and try to stay away from too much fat and sugar. The single most helpful thing is my wife is involved as well. She’s a really good cook and it is hard to resist seconds. Since we are both in the competition, we have been eating a much healthier diet and watching our portions.”

And now… the results!
Team Terminal Ice
Janelle, -1 (5 week total: -10); Scott, -4 (5 week total: -7); Rhonda, -1 (5 week total: -9); Katelyn, -0 (5 week total: -4); Aaron, -1 (5 week total: -8); Pepe, -0 (4 week total: -9).

Team Oregon Booty De-Lite

Ryan, -2 (5 week total: -6); Machel, -2 (5 week total: -14); Marcela, -2 (5 week total: -8); Brett, -2 (5 week total: -11); Becky E., -0 (5 week total: -5); Steph, -0 (5 week total: -9); Belen, -0 (4 week total: -6).

Keep it up!

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