Live Healthy America, Part III

by Stephanie, Graphic Designer – Brand Manager

Ok, we’re a couple days late with last week’s weigh in. We’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day here at The Fruit Company, which isn’t the greatest holiday when you’re trying to eat healthy. We’re bombarded with stereotypes that you need to get your significant other decadent chocolates or take them out for lavish 5-course meals to honor your love for them. What’s wrong with a box of gleaming, gorgeous Valentine d’Anjou Pears? Sweet and scintillating, they’re just as rich as the truffles you shouldn’t be eating. Sure, we’re biased, but we’re also committed to our goal for living healthy.

With that being said, a little bite of chocolate doesn’t hurt every now and again. 😉

And now for the weigh in results!
They weren’t quite as stellar as our first week, but a few people are still charging ahead with fantastic results. We also lost one team member from Terminal Ice (we miss you Crispin!) and gained one on each team. Without further ado…

Team Terminal Ice
Janelle, -1 (2 week total: -6); Scott, -5 (2 week total: -6); Rhonda, -2 (2 week total: -5); Katelyn, +1 (2 week total: -6); Aaron, -2 (2 week total: -9); Pepe, -5 (1 week total: -5).

Team Oregon Booty De-Lite
Ryan, 0 (2 week total: -5); Machel, -5 (2 week total: -9); Brett, -2 (2 week total: -8); Becky E., -1 (2 week total: -3); Steph, -1 (2 week total: -6); Belen, -4 (1 week total: -4).

I’d like to note that several of us lost HALF pounds as well (ahem! I lost 1.5!), but we’re only registering whole pounds. Just saying!
See you later this week!

In 1942, Roy Webster began selling apples and pears from his orchards located in Hood River, Oregon. The area was perfect for growing fruit thanks to the volcanically enriched soil and glacial water from the nearby Mt. Hood. The fruit was exceptional. This orchard and fruit growing wisdom was passed down from father to son. In 1999, The Fruit Company was founded by Roy's grandsons, Scott & Addison Webster. Today, Scott runs the business as President and CEO. The Fruit Company packs and ships beautiful fruit gifts around the nation.

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