It’s Rainier Time . . . Cherries that is!

Rainier Cherries from The Fruit Company

It’s that time of year – barbeques, summer vacations, and RAINIER CHERRIES. Known as the “champagne of cherries “due to their sweet, creamy texture, the Rainiers are one of our favorite summer fruits.

You know the saying “good things come to those who wait”? This is definitely true of the Rainier Cherries. Their harvest is an incredibly short season and here at Webster Orchards we will be picking these tiny gems even earlier this year! June 10th is our current estimated pick date.

The Rainier Cherry was created at Washington State University by cross breeding Vans and Bings. Named after Mount Rainier, they are very sweet, but have a thin skin that makes them sensitive to temperature, wind and rain. Although a bit stressful for our Orchard Manager Leo, hard work and a bit (OK a LOT) of luck with the weather will produce beautiful red-yellow cherries full of the most decadent flavor nature has to offer.

If you order from The Fruit Company, we pick our cherries the same day you order to ensure the freshest fruit possible. Whether you purchase them from us or buy them at your local market be sure to refrigerate them first, this will cool them down and allow them to firm up.   When you take them out of the refrigerator give them a wash in cool water and enjoy!! The best part about Rainier Cherries – they don’t stain like the dark sweets!   Be sure and order some of our delicious Rainier Cherries at 5% off while they are available. Remember they won’t last long . . . .

The Fruit Company® got its start in 1942 when Roy Webster began selling apples and pears from his orchards located in Hood River, Oregon. The area was perfect for growing fruit thanks to the volcanically enriched soil and glacial water from the nearby Mt. Hood. The fruit was exceptional. The company was passed down from father to son and today is owned and operated by Roy's Grandson Scott Webster.

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