Fruit of the Month: Navel Oranges

Navel Oranges are a delicious snack boasting serious health benefits. Learn what these benefits are, how to choose the perfect Navel Orange and our top three favorite ways of using this fruit in the following sections.

Why Are Oranges Healthy For You?

Adding oranges into your diet is a smart way to increase your daily health benefits. Navel Oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C. This antioxidant helps to prevent damage on the inside and outside of our cells. It also may reduce the common cold since Vitamin C is vital for a healthy immune system.

There are different ways to consume this fruit such as Vitamin C pills, orange juice and eating the fruit. It is broadly known that drinking the juice from or eating an orange will result in the highest health benefits. Let’s discuss how to choose the perfect Navel Orange at the grocery store.

Finding the Perfect Navel Orange

There are a few ways to find the perfect orange to consume or juice. A great option is to order our Navel Oranges, which can be shipped straight to your door. We are offering this delicious fruit at 10% off for the month of January. A second way is by visiting your favorite grocery store and choosing the oranges yourself.

When handling an orange there are three ways to tell if it will be ripe. The first way is by feeling the weight of the orange. The goal is to choose an orange that feels heavy, if it feels lighter than it looks it may not be ripe. The second way is by smelling the orange. Does it smell fresh with a citrus scent? Put back any orange that smells old, musky or fermented. Lastly, check the surrounding peel. Check the orange for spots, darker areas or damage. Now that we’ve learned how to choose the perfect orange, it’s time to use them!

Best Ways to Consume Navel Oranges

Oranges can be utilized in a variety of ways such as in salads, smoothies, in juices and for baking. You can also enjoy sweet oranges sliced or peeled. Here are a few of our favorite ways of consuming Navel Oranges:

A Healthy and Delicious Snack

Oranges are one of the most popular fruit consumed in the United States. This is likely because of the health benefits and variety of ways you can utilize the fruit. And remember, follow our top three ways of finding a great Navel Orange at the grocery store!


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