Fruit of the Month: Golden Supreme Apples

Golden Supreme Apples

Crisp, healthy and resistant to browning, Golden Supreme Apples are one of our favorite fruits to eat in a variety of ways. Learn why an apple a day keeps the doctor away, how to pick a ripe apple, and our popular apple recipes in today’s blog post.

Why are Golden Supreme Apples so Healthy?   

Apples are full of antioxidants, dietary fiber and flavonoids which help to boost the immune system. This fruit tops the charts in healthy foods, many deeming it a “miracle” food. Golden Supreme Apples are low in calories and may even lower the risk of dementia and high cholesterol when eaten daily. Keep in mind, many of the health benefits come from the peel. Make sure to consume the peel when you eat an apple! Choosing a ripe fruit is sometimes tricky, so follow the tips next to pick the perfect apple.

How to Choose a Ripe Apple

Choosing a ripe apple is easy when you know what to look for. First, always check for bruising or discoloration on the fruit. If any are present, that fruit is likely over ripe or it was injured in the picking and moving process. Second, make sure your apple is firm to the touch. If the fruit is too soft, it’s likely old. Lastly, give your apple a whiff! Your fruit should have a pleasant aroma. If it smells rotton or in no way appetizing, choose another. There are a variety of ways to utilize apples. You can simply eat them (make sure to discard of the seeds), bake with them, put the apples in a smoothie and so much more.

Our Favorite Apple Recipes

A few of our favorite apple recipes involve baking the apples! Click on the links below to view the full recipes.

Special Savings for April

In honor of spring, we are offering 10% off our Golden Supreme Apples for the month of April or as supplies last. Have a wonderful season!

In 1942, Roy Webster began selling apples and pears from his orchards located in Hood River, Oregon. The area was perfect for growing fruit thanks to the volcanically enriched soil and glacial water from the nearby Mt. Hood. The fruit was exceptional. This orchard and fruit growing wisdom was passed down from father to son. In 1999, The Fruit Company was founded by Roy's grandsons, Scott & Addison Webster. Today, Scott runs the business as President and CEO. The Fruit Company packs and ships beautiful fruit gifts around the nation.

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